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The best no pull dog harness for your dog is more than just a leash. It wraps around your dog’s chest and legs, rather than just attaching at the collar. No pull dog harnesses are designed to discourage your dog from pulling when you go on a walk, which gives your arm some relief. These harnesses also help to protect your dog from leash-related injuries.

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The Five Best No Pull Dog Harnesses

In this article we have compiled several of the best no pull dog harness reviews. In a rush? Then check out our top five best no pull harness options here:

Ruffwear Front Range Chest And Back Attaching
Chai’s Choice Front Range Harness Chest And Back Attaching
Original EcoBark Maximum Comfort Harness Back Attaching
Freedom No Pull Harness Chest And Back Attaching
Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness Back Attaching

There are reviews of these below, along with some other great options for no pull dog harnesses too. Today there are several of what could be described as the best no pull harness options. So you can find the best non pull dog harness for your dog’s build, gait, and training needs. Read on to learn about some of the best anti pull dog harness choices available today and how to use them!

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Why We Love No Pull Dog Harnesses

At its core, a no pull harness is a harness-and-leash system that can accomplish two important goals: to protect your dog’s body against walk time injuries and to discourage your dog from pulling on the leash during walks. Obviously, this also gives your tired arms a break, too! Finding the right harness can be critical to safeguarding your dog’s physical health and preventing strain in the chest, legs, back and eyes. No pull dog harnesses are better overall for both the dog and the owner. That’s what they call a win-win situation!

best no pull dog harness

How To Choose A No Pull Harness For Your Dog

Harnesses, like other dog care items, are definitely not one size fits all. Here are six steps to find the right non pull harness for your dog:

  1. Take your dog’s neck and chest measurements.
  2. Review manufacturer harness use suggestions.
  3. Research how easy it is to customize the fit of the harness.
  4. Read what other dog owners say about using that harness.
  5. Take your harness choice for a test run.
  6. Be willing to try different harnesses to find the best no pull harness for your pet.

Important Features Of No Pull Harnesses

Harnesses of any kind should be fitted to your dog. This is important both for the dog’s safety and the dog’s comfort. A harness which is too small may cause discomfort or even pain to your dog. One which is too large may easily be slipped out of. As a busy pet owner, you will also likely want to look for a harness that is easy to use.

Types Of No Pull Dog Harnesses

There are three basic no pull harness designs to consider. Let’s take a look at the features of each one.

Back Clip Harness

The harness fits on the front of the dog’s body over the chest region and the leash clips to the top portion of the harness about mid-way along your dog’s back. This harness type is mostly about protecting your dog’s neck and is viewed by some as less effective to stop leash pulling.

Chest Clip Harness

The harness fits on the front of the dog’s body over the chest region and the leash clips to the front lower chest portion of the harness. This harness type both protects your dog’s neck and inhibits leash pulling by redirecting your dog’s head back towards you when he starts to pull.

Back And Chest Clip Harness

The harness fits on the front of the dog’s body over the chest region. There are two leash clips: a chest clip under your dog’s chin, and a back clip along your dog’s spine. This offers you two points of leash control if your dog starts to pull. Those are the basics of different types of harness. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some no pull dog harness reviews!

Best No Pull Harness For Large Dogs

Looking for the best no pull dog harness for a bigger breed? It’s understandable! Even a determined dachshund or Chihuahua can deliver a fairly intense pull if they really want to. But if you’ve ever walked a large breed dog that had a different destination in mind than you do, you already know this statement is true: “the larger the pooch, the stronger the pull.”

This list of best no pull harness options for large breed dogs can make all the difference in whether your daily walks are endurance tests or a joy to you both.

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

The colorful and well-padded Ruffwear Front Range no pull harness* is very popular among dog owners, who give it consistently high ratings.

Sizing ranges from XX-small to X-large, with seven colors to choose from. The harness has a leash clip both on the front and on the back for double the control. All four points of the harness can be adjusted for a custom fit. It also features a zipper pocket where you can tuck in small extras like treats and keys.

Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness With Adjustable Neck

The popular and highly rated Puppia Authentic RiteFit anti pull dog harness* comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, X-large) and nine different colors.

The chest and neck areas are both adjustable for a custom fit and there are two leash clips along the back of the harness. The manufacturer offers a sizing guide to help you choose the right size for your pup.

Gooby Perfect Fit Synthetic Lambskin Harness

The popular and highly recommended Gooby Choke Free no pull dog harness* features a cross body design made of soft yet durable synthetic lambskin.

Each strap can be individually adjusted for a custom fit. It comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and a wide array of colors.

Best No Pull Dog Harness For Small Dogs

Small dogs may be easier to handle when they pull on a leash, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less likely to do so! But there’s good news, because not only do many of the other options in this article come in several different sizes, here are a few that feature small and even extra small sizes for your little dog.

Expawlorer Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness

The highly rated Expawlorer Front Range no pull dog harness* comes in five sizes (X-small, small, medium, large, X-large) and a wide assortment of colors.

It features two points of attachment for a leash – one in front and one on the back. The harness itself is lightweight, reflective for night walks and ergonomic in design.

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness

Not only does the highly rated Kurgo Tru-Fit no pull dog harness* have two leash points (chest, back) but it also includes a safety tether for car rides.

You can customize the fit in five places. The harness comes in five sizes (X-small, small, medium, large, X-large) in black.

Chai’s Choice Best Front Range Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice Front Range harness* was invented by a retired U.S. Naval veteran.

It features two leash clasps (chest, back), reflective safety material for night walks and a safety loop for car rides. The manufacturer provides a detailed sizing chart and several how-to videos. This no pull dog harness comes in five sizes and in several colors.

Eco Friendly No Pull Dog Harness

Are you a big fan of recycling and saving the earth, one harness at a time? Many of us would opt for eco-friendly materials whenever we get the chance. Choosing a no pull dog harness is just such a chance! Take a look at our no pull dog harness reviews regarding eco-friendly materials.

Eco Friendly Pet Products The Original EcoBark

This highly rated and affordable eco-friendly Pet Products no pull harness* is made of all recycled materials. It comes in six sizes and several fun colors.

This harness features an over-the-head design for dogs that dislike stepping through leg straps. In addition to a back leash clip it has emergency release clasps for safety.

Blueberry Pet Harness Collection

Blueberry Pet offers a harness* made with eco-friendly recycled plastic for the buckles.

There are also several other options in this same product line, making it easy to find everything that you need for your dog all in the same place.

No Pull Training Harness

Training is such an important part of every dog’s life, it’s only natural to want to make it as easy as possible.

best no pull dog harness

These harnesses are created to help with that. Like the others on this list, they offer pull resistance while providing for the safety of your pet. But they are also created with training in mind. Let’s look at some no pull dog harness reviews for training purposes.

Company of Animals Halti Training Harness

The Company of Animals training harness* has a front leash clip that helps to control pulling and also minimize any pressure or constriction on your dog’s throat and chest area.

This super simple product is matched by one of the lowest price tags for a dog harness. The manufacturer states that it is best to permanently stitch the side straps once you have adjusted it to the optimal position to prevent loosening with use. This leash comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) in red/black.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

This vest style harness* offers easy control options for training your dog, regardless of the size.

It comes in reflective material, ideal for night walks, and uses two metal leash rings  for extra security when out and about with your learning pet.

Best No Pull Dog Harness

We hope you have enjoyed these best no pull dog harness reviews! If it seems a little overwhelming, we refer you again to our top five options at the beginning of the article. The best no pull dog harness for your pet will be fitted to size, be comfortable to wear, and help prevent pulling-related injuries.

Which of these products do you plan to try? Leave us a comment below and let us know how it goes for you! And if you and your dog are using a no pull harness that isn’t listed here and you really love it, please let us know so other dog owners can benefit from your discovery! If you want to take a look at other products for your dog, check out the best dog nail file here! Or you might even want to take a look at dog nail polish!

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